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Restroom Mat-GEN3718

Restroom Mat-GEN3718

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Restroom Mat (carpet in front of the bathroom)

Design Printed Carpet For the bathroom With dust and moisture trapping properties


Carpet design that is unique. Make the entrance stand out. or interior decoration

  • The carpet is made of nylon material, which is durable and creates a unique look. With special printing techniques
  • Helps trap dust and moisture well
  • The background is a nitrile rubber sheet. Has a long service life
  • Light resistant, anti-static
  • Approximate thickness 8 mm.
  • 2 year warranty
  • The surface is 100% nylon with a printed design.
  • The background is 100% nitrile rubber.
  • Does not contain PVC.
Standard size
  • 60 x 85 cm

For other sizes Please contact us directly (here).

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