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    Logo carpet or design carpet that you can design Express your individuality With dust and moisture trapping properties

    • The carpet is made of nylon material, which is durable and creates a unique look. With special printing techniques
    • There are 42 standard colors to choose from and up to 12 colors can be printed per design (if you need a specific color please contact our staff).
    • Helps trap dust and moisture well
    • The background is a nitrile rubber sheet. Has a long service life
    • Light resistant, anti-static
    • Approximate thickness 8 mm.
    • 2 year warranty
    • The surface is 100% nylon with a printed design.
    • The background is 100% nitrile rubber.
    • Does not contain PVC.
    • Entrance areas of buildings, hotels, factories, offices, cafeterias, shops, restaurants, hospitals, clinics
    • Interior decoration, lobby, living room, reception room, reception counter
    • Please contact directly.

    ** The above colors are just an example. and may vary from the actual workpiece **

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