Ads Mat

Ads Mat / Custom Design

Colorful Add life and photography to your ads.


Ads-Mat stimulates and attracts interest. Add life and life like a photograph to your advertisements at points of sale to promote sales and various activities.

  • Photorealistic prints combined with popular polyester fabrics. With nitrile rubber that is flexible, the floor is anti-slip rubber, does not contain PVC is washable.
  • Woven material: 100% polyester background; smooth surface nitrile rubber.
  • Usage: Public relations, trade shows, product public relations at points of sale, brand promotions, menus at service counters, restaurants, coffee shops, bars, premium products distributed to customers, such as mouse pads, keyboard pads, teaching media, events, Advertising work.


Additional documents

Standard size : Borderless type

  • Width: 19, 29, 39, 59, 115 cm.
  • Length: Maximum 200 cm.
  • Maximum size: 115 x 200 cm.

Product details

  • Virtual printing (CMYK and Pantone)
  • Total weight: approximately 1.50 kg per sq m.
  • Total height: approximately 1.50 mm.


** The color of the workpiece has a chance of deviating 5-10% normally according to the production process. The printing color will be based on the color value according to the customer's work file. and color differences cannot be claimed**

note :

After receiving information from customers The staff will contact you back to inform you of the price or ask for additional information. There is no minimum order for Ads-Mat/Custom Design.

Absorbs water, non-slip rubber sole.

Promote sales for brands with Ads Mat, printed rubber mats with custom designs, bright colors, like new, can be washed and cleaned.

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