about us

Company history

Clean Tex is a world-leading carpet manufacturer. We have succeeded in becoming a leading manufacturing company in Asia – with production facilities in Thailand. and Japan. Clean Tex was founded in 1967 in the United States by the Howard family. and continues to be involved in the management of all branches in each country up to the present. For Clean Tex Asia, production has begun to support customer bases in the Asia Pacific region since 2008. Since 1980, customers include hotels, hospitals, schools, sports, recreation, as well as various manufacturing plants. Clean Tex products are high quality, durable and designed to be suitable for multi-purpose use.

Quality and expertise

As we are a manufacturer Therefore has expertise and expertise starting from inventing and developing products. as well as the production process With an important aim to produce high quality products. along with excellent service We are committed to producing quality products that our customers desire. Ready to deliver correctly and quickly

Moreover, our printer's capability can print widths up to 1.8 meters to create uniqueness as the customer desires. and with experience as a carpet manufacturer for a long time This allows us to produce good quality products at a fair price.

Focus on customer service

from two production bases in Asia This allows us to provide comprehensive service and advice to customers. From acknowledging customer needs as well as delivery With experienced employees who have been specially trained. Therefore, we can give advice on products that are suitable for use. Moreover, we recognize and give importance to quality coordination and communication. This is important for conducting business together.

Choose to buy with someone who knows.

With long experience and expertise in production Including close cooperation and working with partners. This allows us to truly know the needs of our customers. In addition, various products of Clean Tex are widely used without any complaints or problems in use. Therefore, it is an important factor that builds confidence. and trust in customers in deciding to order products from us

Just in time

Our accumulated experience has proven to be an important deciding factor. It is flexible management combined with rapid execution.

For this reason, the Clean Tex team has developed the efficiency of various processes from design, production, delivery and timely response to customers. With quality and reliable products