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Disinfectant Absorbent Refill – Brown

Disinfectant Absorbent Refill – Brown

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Needle Punch (Refill) brown

Antiseptic absorbent pads, shoe soles


Disinfectant absorbent pads (Refillable) for use with Kleen-Sanitize and Kleen-Sanitize Footbath for changing between washes.

  • Disinfectant absorbent pad It serves to remove dirt from the soles of shoes.
  • Light resistant
  • Approximate thickness 5 mm.
  • 1 set has a total of 10 sheets.
  • Needle Punch Fabric
  • Does not contain PVC.
  • Clean the carpet tray to absorb the solution. and wipe dry before laying the carpet for good adhesion to the area
  • In default use Put disinfectant in the tray so that the absorbent pad is soaked, approximately 0.5 - 1 liter.
  • Absorbent Pad, Needle Punch type, with the “wavy” side facing upwards.
  • Disinfectant should be added periodically, every 2-3 hours, depending on the density of commuters.
  • Clean the mop pad desiccate every day To reduce the accumulation of germs and for long-term use
  • Do not use liquids containing Sodium hypochloride (e.g. Hyter)
  • Spray with water hose.
  • Wash with a soft brush. Use a cleaning solution that does not contain bleach.
  • Hang dry, avoid direct sunlight.
Standard size
  • 39 x 69 cm
  • 69 x 78 cm
  • 69 x 118 cm
  • 117 x 140 cm
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