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Connectors [for Kleen-Thru Plus]

Connectors [for Kleen-Thru Plus]

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Connector <for Kleen-Thru Plus>
Connectors to connect each rubber sheet together.


Accessories: Carpet connector (Connector) to attach each Kleen-Thru Plus rubber mat together. Easy to use and convenient suitable for space that are used in several pieces placed next to each other to prevent movement

  • 100% nitrile rubber
  • Does not contain PVC.

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  • Please contact us directly (here).

  • For use in the kitchen
  • Wet area
  • Within various factories such as food factories
  • cold room
  • changing room

  • Rinse with pressurized water. Can be scrubbed with a soft brush and detergent for better cleaning. and dry in the shade

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