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Kleen-Thru Plus rubber reduces fatigue and is slip-resistant.

Kleen-Thru Plus rubber reduces fatigue and is slip-resistant.

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Kleen-Thru Plus

Rubber reduces fatigue, prevents slipping, suitable for the kitchen. and wet areas


Kleen-Thru Plus is the first foam rubber sheet that reduces fatigue from standing while working. and contains an inhibitor of the growth of bacteria such as E.coli and Staphylococcus Aureus

  • The floor has a pattern and holes to help with drainage.
  • Can be used both inside and outside the building
  • Anti-slip, anti-static
  • Resistant to oil and contains Anti-microbial substances.
  • Approximate thickness 8 mm.
  • 2 year warranty
  • 100% nitrile rubber
  • Does not contain PVC.
  • For use in the kitchen
  • Wet area
  • Within various factories such as food factories
  • cold room
  • changing room
  • Knock, shake off dirt and grime, and rinse with pressure water. Can be scrubbed with a soft brush and detergent for better cleaning. and dry in the shade
Standard size
  • 60 x 86 cm
  • 86 x 143 cm
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