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Kleen-Sanitize Black Brown Disinfecting Carpet

Kleen-Sanitize Black Brown Disinfecting Carpet

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Kleen-Sanitize 2 in 1 / color Black Brown

Multi-purpose disinfectant carpet for heavy traffic (revamped, added water retention edge The liner is tight and doesn't move.)

2 in 1 multi-purpose disinfectant carpet to kill germs from shoe soles before entering office buildings, separating wet areas. and dry wiping area The carpet is made from nylon material. The background is made of anti-slip rubber all over.
  • Disinfectant absorbent tray It serves to remove dirt from the soles of shoes.
  • Drying Nylon carpet area for cleaning
  • Anti-slip
  • Has edges to help retain water inside.
  • Light resistant
  • Approximate weight 5 kilograms per square meter.
  • Approximate thickness 13 mm.
  • material
  • The surface is 100% nylon fiber.
  • The background is 100% nitrile rubber.
  • Does not contain PVC.
  • Clean the floor and wipe dry before laying the carpet for good adhesion to the area
  • In default use Put disinfectant in the tray so that the absorbent pad is soaked, approximately 0.5 - 1 liter.
  • Disinfectant should be added periodically, every 2-3 hours, depending on the density of commuters.
  • Clean the tray and liner. Dry every day To reduce the accumulation of germs and for long-term use
  • Dettol disinfectant may leave white stains on rubber surfaces. Should be cleaned every time after use.
  • Do not use liquids containing Sodium hypochloride (e.g. Hyter)
  • Spray with water hose.
  • Wash with a soft brush. Use a cleaning solution that does not contain bleach.
  • Hang dry, avoid direct sunlight.
Additional advice
  • Group of chemicals that can be used
- Oxidize (Hydrogen peroxide, Proxitane (Paracetic))
- Aldehyde (Formaldehyde, Glutaraldehyde)
- Quaternary Ammonium Compounds
- QUATs (BKC-Benzakonium Chloride, DTS40-Alkyl Dimenthyl Benzyl ammonium chloride, 22multi quat sanitizer, SUMA J 512, PAT Q-18 etc, Benzethonium chloride, Alkyl Dimethyl ethylbenzyl ammonium chloride)
- Phenol (Dettol). If “Dettol” is applied, white stain may occur on the rubber.
  • concentration quantity Depends on the instructions for use according to the label of each type.
    ❌ Not recommended for use. is a mixture of Sodium Hypochlorite (egHaiter) including Iodophor & Aldehyde groups.

Standard size
80 x 150 cm
80 x 200 cm
80 x 240 cm
150 x 400 cm *for heavy traffic

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