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Door Mat OVP Clear Red

Door Mat OVP Clear Red

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Door Mat OVP Clear Red

Floor mats, entrance carpets with anti-slip rubber mats to trap dust.


Floor mats for covering the entrance area With dust-trapping and anti-slip properties, color: Cinnamon Black spot (washable)

  • Unique design, high quality, Japanese and European export standards, quality control at every production step.
  • Color printed all the way to the base of the carpet. Carpet hair doesn't shed. Always stays fresh even after washing and is flexible. And does not leave stains on the floor (no glue is used)
  • Good grip on the floor, smooth to the ground, no waves, which is a cause of tripping and falling.
  • Dust trapping efficiency and high humidity
  • The material is flexible. and prevents slipping very well
  • Beautiful design, suitable for entrance areas. and areas where you want to prevent dust from entering the house
  • Easy to wash and clean with washing machine or soft brush
  • Durable, can be used for a long time The carpet's hair doesn't shed. And the rubber doesn't tear.
  • Surface 100% Printed Nylon
  • The background is made from 100% Nitrile Rubber.
    ❌ No PVC
  • Used for decorating entrances, bedrooms, halls.
  • Suitable for people who are allergic to dust. and homes with Pet Friendly pets
  • Should be placed in a dry area.
    ❌ Should not be placed on wet floors.
  • Shake off dirt, dust or vacuum with a vacuum cleaner.
  • Machine washable at temperatures not exceeding 40 degrees.
  • Spray water to wash - use the soft fur bed to clean. Do not use bleach.
  • Dry on a flat surface. Shouldn't be exposed to direct sunlight.
  • Store rugs by rolling them, not folding them.
Standard size
  • 50 x 75 cm
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