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Dust, the problem!!! 'Dust' the Trouble Maker!!

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]Even dust It will be a very small object. But it created quite a few problems for us. Normally we cannot see it with the naked eye. Can be seen only when they are large or gathered together a lot. Where do all this dust come from? 2/3 of the majority of dust comes from? Outside the house, outside the building, it comes from shoes that are soiled with dirt, dirt, and dust that comes in through clothes. Some came in from open windows. Another one-third of dust comes from inside buildings. or inside the house Caused by fibers from clothing, furniture, pet hair, etc. In dust there are living things called mites (Dust Mites)? The main culprits that cause allergy symptoms What we're actually allergic to is the saliva and feces that the mites release. In this way, the electricity should be cut off at the source by placing a dust-trapping mat at the entrance to the house or building to trap dust from outside, which is the main source. Don't let it get stuck inside. This will reduce the amount of dust quite a lot.
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