‘New Normal’ เตรียมพร้อมรับ ‘โลกใหม่ใบเดิม’ (“New Normal” life in “Post-pandemic World”)

'New Normal' get ready 'New Normal' life in “Post-pandemic World”)

Prepare, adapt, change your way of life (New Normal).

Think easily about what we normally do in our daily lives, such as eating 3 meals, showering 2 times, wearing a swimsuit and going to the beach. All of this is "normal" stuff that we're familiar with, that we're used to.

At present, some matters In the past, we may not have done it. But when the incident happened or some kind of phenomenon occurred Those things have become the new normal by default. If we take an example that is clearly seen in this Covid-19 era, it is wearing a face mask when leaving the house. Previously, we would take out a face mask and put it on only when we were sick, but now it is a normal thing that we have to do. Wear a hygienic mask outside the house. Or carry alcohol gel to wash your hands at all times.

What will become the "New Normal" ( New Normal ), a new way of life ?

  1. Internet usage behavior will play a greater role in daily life Whether it's studying online or working from home. online meeting Ordering consumer products financial transactions or watching dramas Watch movies online This is something that is more evident now.
  2. social distancing It will become the new normal for society as well. People will reduce interactions. such as going to public places less Focus on doing more activities at home. Reduce domestic and international travel. Or keep your distance while waiting. or use various public services Including shopping, etc.
  1. The trend towards health care is increasing, including wearing a face mask every time you leave the house, which has become normal. Or washing your hands more often, carrying hand sanitizer, eating hot food, and using your own spoon. Including keeping an eye on your own symptoms when you are sick.
  2. spending investment decision It will be more careful. Because I'm still unsure about the economy. and reduce spending on luxury goods There is also an increased tendency to turn to cashless payments.
  3. The next important thing is cleanliness and reducing the accumulation of germs. Currently, many businesses have returned to providing services as before. Concerns can arise for both service providers and service users. Or even the government is worried whether it will cause the number of infected people to increase after each phase of measures are relaxed. The government therefore launched "Thai Chana" to collect information on access to community areas for users to check-in and check-out. Helps you know how to travel to various places. of each person and follow timely news notifications about the risk of the COVID-19 outbreak

As for the business itself, it's the same. Able to build confidence among customers Or those who come to use the service, there is a screening point, temperature check, along with alcohol. or hand washing gel In addition, there are many places that prepare disinfectant carpets ( Kleen-Sanitize) or containers of disinfectant solution ( Kleen-Sanitize Footbath) for cleaning shoes before entering a store or building. This is apparently indispensable. Especially schools, hotels, airports, hospitals, etc. "Prevention is better than cure." We don't want COVID-19 to spread. The outbreak has come back again. Nowadays, it is inevitable that we must adapt. and change a new way of life In this old world For safety and good health

“New Normal” life in “Post-pandemic World”

Try to think of something that we do in everyday life - eating 3 meals a day, taking showers, wearing a swimming suit when going to the sea. All of these are a "normal" matter that we are familiar with.

Currently, we might do somethings that never doing in our previous normal life. Since the pandemic of Covid-19, wearing mask to the public places is become new normal or carry alcohol gel/alcohol spray in our pocket.

What will become "New Normal" in a new way of life?

  1. Internet using behavior. Internet will play a important role in daily life - online learning, working at home, online meeting, purchase consumer products, financial transactions, watching movies.
  2. Social Distancing. This will become a new normal way for society as well careful when For example, avoid going to public place. Focus on doing activities at home. Reduce domestic and international travel. Leave space between each other while waiting, or use public services or shopping, etc.
  3. Health Concern. More health concern either wearing face mask when leaving home. Washing hands more often. Carry alcohol gel all the time. Eat hot foods. Use personal Including observing the symptoms of themselves when feeling sick.
  4. Spending and investing decisions. More careful and aware due to not confidence about economy during this situation. Spending on necessary items, reduce luxury goods. Increase in cashless payment trend.
  5. Seem to be hot issue in this challenging and uncertainty of COVID-19 outbreak. It makes anxiety in both service providers and customers. Government also worries about the number of the infected people after the relief of measures in each phase. This bring to a launch of “Thai Chana” platform to collect usage data in community by check-in and check-out. It helps to tracking the travel route and visit location of each person and also provide the latest news about the risk of outbreak of COVID-19

As for a business, you can also boost trust and confidence among customers or visitors by arrange screening points to check body temperature and provide alcohol gel. In addition, many businesses have prepared Sanitizing mats (Kleen-Sanitize) or disinfecting bath (Kleen-Sanitize Footbath) for cleaning shoes before entering the store or building. This is necessary items especially for schools, hotels, airports, hospitals, etc. “Prevention is better than the cure” – Since the COVID-19 seem to be well controlled for a period of time, of course we don't want the outbreak rehappen again. To live in this situation, be flexible and open-minded to the changes to stay safe and stay healthy.

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