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Corporate image! (Corporate Image!)

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]In the era of competition Businesses, whether large, medium or small, compete to survive. Using both price strategies Product side Distribution channels or promotions But one thing that you may not have thought of is Building the image of the organization along with The image of an organization or company (Corporate Image) is the image formed in the minds of the people towards the organization. Including the management of products and services of that organization or company Image is something that can be created and fixed, but if it is damaged it is difficult to fix and takes time. good image Helps build credibility Trusted by service users and strengthen the sustainability of the organization or company
One image that service users can see immediately It is taking care of buildings and places to look good, clean, and orderly at all times, attracting people to use the service. A simple method, not difficult, can be done right away, no need to spend time assembling and installing, is to decorate with entrance mats (Entrance Mat) or carpets. Welcome Mat, which users can observe both when entering and exiting. Or it's a logo rug or design mat (Logo/Design Mat) that helps reinforce the brand or organization very well. Either place it at the entrance or decorate the reception area.
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