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The charm of thorns, cactus (Cactus) or cactus.

The resurgence of the second wave of COVID is such an end to many people's dreams. But don't get bored just yet. We have been through this crisis. And many lifestyles have changed, entering the New Normal or a new normal. New way of life During this time, I have come back to being strict with myself again. For anyone staying at home or working from home, Clean Tex invites you to plant trees. One of the plants that are easy to care for is the cactus (Cactus) or cactus.

It is believed that Plant cactus on Saturday. West for good fortune and prosperity strong

As for the personality of people who like cactus, they tend to be sentimental. Have a high artistic temperament I like simplicity. A kind heart, fun and hilarious, but often doesn't show it.

This thorny tree It is a native plant that has its origins in the desert. Mostly in South America before spreading into Africa It is a perennial tree that is popularly planted as decoration in buildings or open spaces. It tolerates drought well. Can be grown in every soil and can be placed as decoration in every place The cactus stores a lot of water in its trunk. It will use water throughout long dry periods. And it will change its leaves into thorns to reduce transpiration but will still transpire water. There are more than 127 genera of cactus, but the most popular ones are:

1. Mammillaria ( Mammillaria)

There are more than 400 species that are easy to grow, grow quickly, and bloom regularly. The distinctive feature of this cactus is that it has fluffy hairs covering the entire plant. Along with small, sweet, beautiful-colored flowers blooming in rings at the top of the tree. Varieties that are commonly grown include the feathered mammal, yellow feathered mammal, woolly mammal or cat's wool mammal and owl mammal.

2. Gymnocalycium mihanovichii, a charming cactus that everyone loves. Gymnocalycium has bright colors, flowers easily and often, has large flowers. It blooms for many days. But must be taken care of very well Don't reduce water too much or too little. Because until the gymnos bloom and show them flowers, it takes time and a lot of patience.

3.Astrophytum (Astrophytum)

The trunk shape is similar to a star. And unlike other cacti in the genus, there are patches of white spots scattered throughout the trunk. At present, they can be classified according to the characteristics of the stems and thorns into 6 - 7 different types, such as Sand or Sand Dollar and Mario.

Astro Miracle is easy to grow, grows quickly and blooms well. It's also easy to mix. The characteristics of this species are "no thorns" and there are also white spots on the surface of the cactus all over the plant. When it is about a year old, its flowers will gradually come out. It will be the most during the summer. After that, it will bloom sparsely.

4. Echinopsis ( Echinopsis) is a "clump" variety. The flowers of this type of cactus are white. The flowers of this species bloom beautifully only from midnight until 8 am. This type of cactus has thorns. But the thorns are not sharp like other species.

5. Haworthia, a succulent plant with many different and unusual shapes. We will be caught by the different patterns on the leaves. With the unique charm of the transparency of the leaves such as Havotia, cut horse, Havotia zebra, sago horse or donut horse, Havotia, glass lotus and Havotia water drop.

Caring for cactus (Cactus) or cacti


Sunlight is necessary for growing cactus. If you plant it in the house It must be moved to a location that gets sunlight from time to time.


Soil that is well-drained and breathable will allow your cactus to grow well.


The most dangerous for cacti is Got too much water Because it may cause the roots to rot and die. Water should be given 3 days/time in summer.

and 7 days/time in winter


Do not use fertilizers that are high in nitrogen. Because it nourishes the leaves to be beautiful without blooming. Stimulate flowering by using a high potassium fertilizer. Liquid fertilizers are best.

Caring for a cactus to look beautiful

Use an old toothbrush or shaving brush to remove dust. The handle is a stain on a planted cactus. In the summer, moisture evaporates quickly. It should be lightly misted with water to keep it truly spotless.

Why doesn't the cactus bloom?

Many people buy them and they never bloom. Check first to see if you are watering too much. Another reason is that some cacti or cacti will bloom only in a certain type of weather. Or sometimes it's because they don't get enough sunlight. Therefore, you should ask the store clearly. that the variety you buy blooms in what type of climate In addition, the fact that it does not bloom may be because it is too young. Not yet at the age of having flowers. But some plant shops will boost flowering by adding concentrated amounts of fertilizer. causing flowers to bloom before the appropriate age Therefore, even if the cactus has beautiful flowers when first bought, But when you plant it at home for a while, the cactus will be exhausted and no more flowers.

changing pots

Refrain from watering the cactus for several days before repotting. Then use newspaper to cover the foundation. Hold the pot and use a pencil or chopstick to gently push it up through the drainage holes in the bottom of the pot. The cactus should be removed from the old pot with the roots intact.

Prevents thorns

When you want to pick up a cactus You should prevent the thorns from hurting your hands and from breaking the thorns. Use a thick stack of folded newspapers to wrap a strip around the tree and pull it out.

You can also make gardening with thorns, cactus, or cacti fun and artistic by decorating it with a chic design rug as a relaxing corner in your home even if you're not traveling anywhere during the festival. Still enjoying and can be happy Carpet design collection " Cactus (Cactus)" from PRAW. Make it beautiful as a relaxation corner. It is also used to support dirt to protect the floor from dirt. Easy to clean and washing as well

The Charm of cacti

The blow from the second wave of pandemic has hit hard, ruining many hopes and dreams, but don't let it brings you down. We'd been through it once, we can do it again! Our lifestyle has changed , the old norms have been replaced by the “ new normal ”. During this period of time, let's put a great deal of awareness and care towards our health. For those who are staying at home or working from home, we (as an admin) would like to suggest gardening and one of the easiest plants to care for is cactus.

There's a belief that planting a cactus on a Saturday and on the west side of your premises brings you luck, prosperity and strength. Cactus lovers are considered sentimental, artistic. They also favor simplicity, have a kind heart and they are joyful but those characters often stay hidden.

These spiny plants are natively and originally from deserts, mostly in South America before spreading to Africa. These perennial plants are popular as indoor and outdoor decoration, because they can tolerate drought and can be planted in any types of soil, as well as, they can be placed in any places. Cacti have ability to store up an enormous amount of water in their trunk and use it over a long dry period. All their leaves turn into thorns (often called spikes or glochids, depends on their size) to minimize dehydration. There are over 127 species of cactus. Here are the popular ones;

  1. Mammillaria

There are more than 400 types of mammillaria. The specie is easy to maintain, quickly grows and blooms regularly. One of the mammillaria's unique characteristics is the hair like or wooly spines which are soft and fluffy covering the body, accompanied by small and sweet-colored flowers springing in a circle at the top. The commonly-known types are Mammillaria Pumosa (white feather cactus), Mammillaria Schiedeana (yellow feather cactus), Mammillaria bocasana (Powder Puff cactus) and Mammillaria perbella (Owl eye cactus).

  1. Gymnocalycium mihanovichii (commonly called Chin cactus)

Little charming and bright cacti which a lot of people find attractive. They have colorful body with large flowers. They are easy to bloom and the bloom lasts for several days. However, this specie requires a regular maintenance. It might take some time for the plants to bloom, depends on the right amount of water and somewhat, patience.

  1. Astrophytum

These species are unique because of the shape of their trunk which is similar to a star shape. Furthermore, they can easily be distinguished from others by the white dots visible all around their trunk. Nowadays, we can divide the species by the characteristics of the trunk and thorns into 6-7 types, for example, Astrophytum asterias or Sand Dollar cactus and Mario cactus.

Astrophytum Miracle, also known as Astro Miracle, is easy to care for. It grows rapidly and often flowers and it's also easy to be mixed between breeds. The nature of this species is "without thorns" and white dots around the trunk. It starts flowering once it reaches about a year old. The peak point of flowering is during Summer and randomly occurs in other seasons.

  1. Echinopsis

It's a bush-like cactus with white flowers which only bloom from midnight to around 08.00 AM. Even though this species has thorns but its thorns aren't as sharp as others.

  1. Haworthia

These succulent plants have different shapes which make them outstanding. Mesmerizing and eye-catching with the different patterns appearing on the leaves, accompanied by their unique charm from the way their leaves are transparent. The examples of this species are Haworthia truncata (aka “Horse's teeth”), Haworthiopsis attenuate or Zebra Haworthia, Haworthia pumila donut, Haworthia cymbiformis and Haworthia cooperi.

Cactus care


Sunlight is an essential factor for planting a cactus. If you plant a cactus in your house, place it in the area where there's a light, periodically.


The soil which drains and ventilates well is the best choice for cactus. It helps cactus to grow.


The most critical part of cactus care is overwatering which can cause rotten roots. The recommended frequency is to water a cactus once every 3 days during Summer and once every 7 days during Winter.


Do not use fertilizers that are high in nitrogen because they nourish the leaves without flowering. For flowering benefit use ones which are high in potassium, especially the liquid-like fertilizers.

Polishing cactus

Brush your cactus with a used toothbrush or shaving brush to get rid of dust which might stuck on the plant and becomes a stain. During summer time when humidity vaporizes very quickly, mist the plant with a water spray for keeping your cactus nicely clean and polished.

Why doesn't my cactus bloom?

Many people bought a cactus and it hasn't ever bloomed, not even once. Firstly, check if you've been watering it way too much or not. Then, another reason is that some types of cactus only bloom in a specific type of climate. Even sunlight insufficiency also causes non-flowering cactus. Therefore, make sure to check with the florist's whether the cactus you're buying is suitable for your climate. Furthermore, another reason why your cactus doesn't bloom is because it's a young plant; not yet in a mature state to produce flowers. However, at some florists' they fast-forward the flowering state by using a lot of fertilizer which causes the plant to bloom but it's still a premature. Even though the plant is blooming when you buy it, but when you place it in your house it becomes weak and stops blooming.

Changing pot

Avoid watering the cactus for several days before changing its pot. To easily remove a cactus from a pot, firmly hold the pot and use a pencil or a chopstick to slowly push the soil and the plant from the hole on the bottom of the pot. You can place a newspaper on the floor for keeping your floor clean and easy to tidy it later. Once you push it through the hole, the plant should come off smoothly and wholly. This way helps preventing any damages on cactus's root.

Preventing being poked by those thorns

With a help of some newspaper pages (folded several times to create few layers) acting as a glove can prevent your hand being poked by those sharp thorns. Simply wrap around your cactus with this newspaper glove while handling it.

Besides, you can make your gardening with cacti more pleasant and more artful by arranging an area in your house as your relaxing corner, decorating it with a chic designed mat . Even though we can't travel during this time but a nice and beautiful view of your house makes this time more enjoyable. The cactus designed collection from PRAW is not only for decoration purpose but also for keeping your floor nice and clean, lack of dust and dirt and PRAW mats are also washable, easy to clean.


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