ANTI-FATIGUE MAT (แผ่นยางลดเมื่อยล้า)

ANTI-FATIGUE MAT (rubber mat to reduce fatigue)

Causes of fatigue and injury from standing for long periods of time

Fatigue and injuries from standing and working for long periods of time It occurs because the body has to fight against gravity. When standing, your body is constantly pulled by gravity. To maintain position, your body requires pressure to maintain balance. This means that your muscles are constantly tense.

In other words, “Humans cannot stand standing on hard surfaces. It causes strain on the feet and affects the spine.” Standing for long periods of time on hard surfaces can lead to many problems. Standing causes muscles to contract, which leads to reduced blood flow, injury to muscles and joints, and it blocks blood flow. This may cause varicose veins to bulge.

Standing and working for a long time Must use the muscles of both legs. Back muscles and neck muscles This makes you tense all the time and reduces blood flow to the muscles. If you don't change your posture or the posture of standing and working at all Can affect the body of those who stand to work, such as
  • Fatigue and muscle pain in the neck, back, and legs occur.
  • Causes blood to form in the legs and feet. This will cause the veins to become swollen or varicose.
  • Make various joints of the spine, hips, knees, and feet are temporarily numb And it can lead to osteoarthritis caused by damaged tendons.

This is the reason why it is necessary to use Anti-Fatigue mat !!!!

rubber floor mat or floor mats for standing on or standing pad Made from suitable materials that are neither too hard nor too soft. Helps prevent fatigue when standing and working for long periods of time. And you should avoid standing and working on cement, concrete, or metal floors.

The soft surface reduces pressure on the feet. You can test a carpet or shoe sole by taking off your shoes and standing on the carpet. After that, try standing on one foot. A good insole should make your feet feel comfortable. and stand firmly It doesn't shrink or be too soft.

How Anti-fatigue mat works

The Anti-Fatigue mat is designed to stimulate muscle and calf movement and promote blood flow and help stagnant blood flow better. The stagnation of blood vessels causes workers to feel tired, but if the anti-fatigue mat is too soft or springy, it will cause workers to use too much energy to maintain their balance while standing.

Anti-fatigue mat from Cleantex

Kleen-Comfort Series – anti-fatigue, anti-slip rubber pads The type has nitrile rubber foam underneath. The surface is a durable nitrile rubber sheet. or nylon fiber type adds beauty

Kleen-Kushion – multi-purpose nitrile rubber foam sheet, reduces fatigue, prevents slipping, has a molded surface. With edges to retain liquids

Kleen-Thru Plus anti-slip rubber sheet, reduces fatigue, has anti-microbial substances, and is resistant to mold.

Kleen Foam – Rubber foam sheet reduces fatigue.

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