Water Horse (Waffle) Lightgrey (thin border does not affect its ability)

Water Horse (Waffle) Lightgrey (thin border does not affect its ability)

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Water-Horse Waffle (fabric border)
A unique mat with abilities of trapping dust and absorbing a large amount of water.


A professional moisture-absorbent, pressure tolerant, with a designed pattern of the surface, with border to hold water in one place, keeps your floor clean without any stains.

  • The surface is made of polypropylene; durable, removes dirt, dust and water from your shoe soles
  • Suitable for bathroom/lavatory area or outside of the doorway during rainy season
  • Nitrile rubber backing, durable
  • The surface pattern designed to hold water well
  • Light resistant
  • The estimated thickness: 7 mm

  • 100% polypropylene surface
  • 100% Nitrile rubber backing
  • No PVC

  • For doorways; building, hotel, factory, office, canteen, shop, restaurant, hospital and clinic, etc.
  • bathroom and lavatory area
  • entrance area from swimming pool

  • By shaking off the dirt and dust, vacuuming, rinsing with a water hose and drying in a shade.

Standard size

Waffle Pattern :

  • 86 × 144 cm

For customized size, please contact us directly ( click here )

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