Kleen-Sanitize Custom size
Sanitizing mat (refillable type) with customized size

The 2in1 functional sanitizing mat for cleaning and disinfecting your shoe soles before entering the premises with a combination of two different parts; one with disinfection function and another for drying your shoes. The surface is made of Nylon yarn with anti-slip rubber backing.

  • The disinfection tray helps sanitize your shoe soles
  • Drying Nylon for drying purpose and getting rid of the residual
  • Anti-slip rubber back
  • with a border holding the disinfection solution in one place
  • light resistant
  • The estimated weight: 5kg/ m²
  • The estimated thickness: 13mm
  • 100% polypropylene surface
  • 100% Nitrile rubber backing
  • No PVC
  • Clean and dry the area before placing (for a good adhesive effect)
  • For the first time using, fill the tray with a disinfection solution around 0.5-1 liter.
  • The absorbent pad (Needle punch type), place the curvy surface face up.
  • Refill the disinfection solution every 2-3 hours- it depends on how heavy the traffic is.
  • Clean and dry the tray and the pad every day to reduce the accumulation of germs and to guarantee the durability.
  • Dettol disinfection solution may cause a white stain on the rubber surface.
  • NEVER use a disinfection solution which contains
  • Rinse with a water hose
  • Use a soft brush and a cleaning solution (without bleaching substances)
  • Leave to dry. Avoid a direct contact with the sunlight.
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